Being a part of the CEO class is something that is Life Changing…


The CEO class embodies everything that our country was built upon.  The core principles of hard work, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurship are values that we experience everyday through CEO.  So now the excitement accelerates as the 7th Effingham CEO class begins the journey…


The 2014-2015 CEO class begins Wednesday, August 20th at the Midland Bank Network Center.  Class beings promptly at 7:30 AM and ends at 9:00 AM.

Kent Probst, Class Facilitator, has been reviewing last year's comments and notes and is preparing for another successful CEO experience for our incoming class. He is looking forward to getting to know each student and to hear each of their unique expectations for their CEO experience.

Lisa Teichmiller, has taken the new position of Network Developer in order to assist the Class Facilitator with additional responsibilities when the class grew from 22 students to 29 students. The main role of this position is to assist, develop, network, and strengthen the current CEO programs alongside the Class Facilitator.

The class will kick off with students designing their CEO business shirts and selecting lanyards to wear to class each day.  And one of the more insightful activities is when Susan Hanfland, from SCH Consulting, presents True Colors personality identification program. This practical tool fosters healthier communication and stronger networking skills. 

The path before each individual student is exciting, inspiring and life changing….


  • The CEO class meets Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM—9:00AM and is a year-long, two credit high school course with pending college dual accreditation.
  • The class meets in local businesses and changes location every nine weeks.
  • In addition to providing a professional business setting for the class, the various locations help students from multiple school districts establish a common identity based on their CEO experience.
  • The class is offered to high school juniors and seniors throughout Effingham County.
  • A key part of the success enjoyed by the class is rooted in a teacher who challenges each individual student and can manage constant change in the classroom.  In addition, encouraging the active participation of business and community leaders adds to the cultivation of learning opportunities, mentoring, and networking.
  • Support from school administrators throughout the county is essential to the development and ongoing success of the class.  That support is evident in the cooperation and scheduling of students from multiple school districts.
  • Funding comes from Business Partners, the Effingham Community Foundation and student projects.
  • The student selection process is a defined process beginning with the school recommendation.  In addition to a written request for admission, a student applicant must submit letters of recommendation and complete an entrepreneurial profile.  Grades are not the defining admission standard.
  • It is a year long, two-credit high school course.

Investors List

Agracel, Inc.

AKRA Builders, Inc.

Bonutti Clinic

Bray Title

Bushue Human Resources

CEO Class of 2009 - 2010

CEO Class of 2010 - 2011

Crossroads Bank

Dan Hecht Chevrolet Toyota, Inc.

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